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Today, every business is a digital business — whether it is B2B or B2C, brick or click, or local or global. Over the last 12 months, accelerated digital transformation has pushed us all to rethink and refine the way we do business, including every aspect of how we power the people and processes behind digital work.

That is why our recent acquisition of Workfront is so exciting. With Workfront coming under the Adobe umbrella, our customers will now have an agile enterprise work management solution that seamlessly connects Adobe Creative CloudAdobe Experience Cloud, and other applications and platforms. Now, customers will have a single system that supports the entire marketing lifecycle, from planning and collaboration to governance, maximizing productivity and creativity, and helping deliver even better real-time customer experiences. And during Adobe Summit, attendees will have a chance to preview it all.

“Even before the acquisition, customers were leveraging integrations between Workfront and Adobe to work faster and smarter,” said Alex Shootman, VP and GM of Workfront, an Adobe company. “Summit gives us the chance to showcase the work of some of these innovative leaders, as well as the opportunity to preview our vision for a fully integrated marketing system of record that powers the people and work behind great customer experiences.”

The Workfront experience at Adobe Summit.

Adobe Summit content will also pick up where Leap — Workfront’s annual conference — left off in 2020.

“There are a few ways we’re folding our Leap content into Summit,” says Gary Clinger, head of marketing programs for Adobe. “The most significant is our Innovation Super Session featuring Alex Shootman. He will highlight Workfront’s unique perspective on work transformation and why the marriage of Workfront technology with Adobe solutions is so powerful for our customers.”

Attendees can also expect to hear from current Workfront customers and joint Workfront/Adobe customers, including Monique Evans, Workfront systems analyst for Stanley Black & Decker, Nick Zappas, senior manager of project management at The Walt Disney Company, and presenters from VaynerMedia and Informatica.

“We also have over 25 breakout sessions within the Collaborative Work Management track,” Clinger says. “Sessions will range from work visibility, to agile work management, to adoption challenges surrounding new technology. About half of those sessions will include Workfront customers, so attendees can understand diverse use cases that, ideally, they can apply to their own businesses.”

“Learning through customer examples and use cases is central to the Adobe Summit experience,” adds Wade Sherman, VP and head of the Adobe + Workfront Integration. These peer-led sessions, he explains, tend to drive deeper understanding and relevance for the broad audience of attendees.

“We want to present meaningful examples, best practices, and use cases that are going to resonate the most with our customers,” Sherman says. “We know, in this case, that means showing real-world examples of customers utilizing Workfront as their marketing system of record — as the work management platform that ties together their use of Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud. Seeing that on the big screen or hearing a customer talk about that is so compelling because it grounds everyone in the message and helps to align it with their own business and work.”

Building on a solid partnership and shared customer base.

For many attendees, much of this will feel familiar — the two companies share more than 1,000 enterprise clients.

“Workfront has been a premier Adobe partner since April 2020,” says Sherman. “We’ve been building on that synergy for some time.”

Now, he adds, shared and individual customers will be able to do and manage even more, with integrated workflows and optimized work management solutions.

“Bringing in a marketing system of record that serves to connect Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise with Adobe Experience Cloud apps like AEM and Marketo helps manage the cradle-to-grave content ROI,” Sherman says. “Now teams can create beautiful, compelling content assets using our world-class creative products — and then manage, launch, and measure the effectiveness of those assets once they are out in the world. Workfront sits right in the middle of that. It’s the platform that enables it all — and increases content velocity by connecting the creative tools with marketing tools.”

For other attendees, Summit will be a first look at Workfront and other Adobe enterprise solutions.

“We’re anticipating a diverse audience, in terms of product knowledge and insights,” Clinger says. “Many attendees are already using Workfront and want to learn how to optimize or accelerate their workflows. Others are still learning the difference between project management and workflow management. Some are familiar with the combined power of Adobe and Workfront — people who are integrating the APIs already.”

Sessions will offer universal takeaways, ensuring everyone walks away with a clear-cut sense of what Workfront could do for their organizations. “Our sessions and workshops are designed to create the right type of curiosity for our existing customers and Adobe customers who aren’t Workfront users — yet,” says Clinger “Our goal is that Summit attendees will want to continue the conversation post-Summit. We want them to experience how much potential exists in this acquisition, and see how our combined technology can really make a difference.”

Shootman agrees. “There is a better way to manage marketing work,” he says. “Adobe understands that — and that’s where the Workfront integration comes in. We’re eager for people to come to Summit and learn about Workfront. Adobe is an expert at understanding the needs of the marketer, and during our sessions and training workshops, you’ll see how bringing in Workfront helps us support our customers even more.”

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