Part 1: Still a 10%er? New Ways to Get More out of Adobe Campaign Classic

Michael Sciano — Adobe

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Our annual Don't Be a 10%er series addresses the common phrase from customers: "We only use 10% of the capabilities in Adobe Campaign, but want to do more." This year, in Part 1, we review the People, Process, and Product adoption framework for Adobe Campaign Classic, providing you a roadmap for success. Get concrete guidance and takeaways on capabilities that you can start using to drive results.

Learn how to do the following:

  • Drive organizational readiness and design for multichannel campaign management by focusing on people and process.
  • Take advantage of Adobe Campaign Classic product capabilities for offers, marketing fatigue, and typology rules.
  • Expand your use of templates to deliver new campaigns and scale.
  • Optimize and personalize campaigns with Adobe Target integrated with Campaign.

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