3 Steps to Delivering Personalized Customer Experiences Efficiently and at Scale - S113

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Today’s buyers can get up to 90% of the way through their journey before ever engaging with sales. As a result, marketers are being tasked with delivering more meaningful and personalized customer experiences—at a scale unlike ever before. But trying to deliver effective marketing campaigns with disconnected systems, broken processes, and incomplete data is next to impossible. During this session we’ll explore the three key steps marketing teams can follow to drive efficiency, improve collaboration, and ensure higher ROI. Alicia Copeland from Thomson Reuters will also share first-hand how they successfully integrated people, process, and Adobe tools to better position their marketing organization for success.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand how having a strong foundation for collaborative work management not only improves the experience for end user customers, but also internal users who are getting the work done
  • Explore how marketing teams can turn technology into a catalyst for change by effectively rationalizing and integrating their MarTech stack
  • Demonstrate how a Connected Work® approach helps marketers overcome obstacles to better connect teams and technology to customer outcomes

Industry Focus: Consulting/Agency

Type: Session

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