5 Essentials of a Data-Driven Organization - S118

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Today’s organizations collect a staggering amount of data from every customer touchpoint across every channel. The goal: deliver exceptional, relevant experiences by better understanding and connecting with customers. Stitching together the right data from all channels to visualize and engage across the entire customer journey requires not only the right tools but also the mindset and skills of a data-driven organization. Join Intel for an inside look at how they are architecting and structuring an insights function to maximize the value from their data and deliver on key business objectives.

In this session, you will learn: 

  • The 5 essentials needed to successfully deliver a data-driven organization 
  • How Intel uses Adobe’s Customer Journey Analytics to change culture and accelerate action 
  • How Intel defines and measures data excellence

Industry Focus: High Tech, Manufacturing, Distribution/Wholesale

Type: Session

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