Building a Real-Time Personalization Engine for In-Market Buyers with Marketo Engage - S129

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  • Will  Waugh

    Will Waugh

    Sr. Advisor, BDO Digital Demand Generation Group, BDO

  • Collin  Jean

    Collin Jean

    Director Digital Engagement, Sales, Growth, eCommerce - Digital Banking, Servus Credit Union


Survival. The ability to personalize offers in real time isn’t just good business for Alberta’s largest credit union. It is about survival in a changing and challenging marketplace that is crowded with traditional financial institutions and emerging digital banks.

Servus Credit Union recognized that transforming their member experience was a must to drive growth through member acquisition, retention, and expansion. By combining the premium member service they are known for with a first-rate digital experience, Servus is positioned to delight their members while fending off online-only competitors.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • The roadmap required to make this vision a reality
  • How Servus is engaging current and prospective members with Marketo Engage
  • The importance of integrating data to create a single view of the member
  • Applications for real-time personalization for acquisition and cross-selling

Industry Focus: B2B, Financial Services & Insurance

Type: Session

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