Driving Meaningful Content and Agility with Walgreens and Lumen - S112

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In this session, you'll learn from both Walgreens and Lumen how:

  • The Walgreens Writers Room chose to think more like TV producers than advertisers to address the need for more relevant, personalized, and representative content
  • Walgreens leveraged the power of Workfront, along with Adobe creative and asset management applications, to deliver more meaningful content quickly and credibly
  • An efficient content engine can both capture and reflect the diverse perspectives that build customer trust


  • How Lumen manages marketing workflows through Workfront and Marketo Engage alongside other Experience Cloud applications
  • Key business problems that Lumen is solving by integrating the two applications
  • How Lumen's teams have benefited from streamlined workflows and campaign agility

Industry Focus: B2B, Commerce, Consumer Goods, High Tech, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution/Wholesale

Type: Session

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