Future of Health Is Now: Predictive, Proactive, Personalized - S124

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  • Anil  Bhatt

    Anil Bhatt

    Global Chief Information Officer, Elevance Health


The future of health is here—it’s consumer-centric, digital-first, proactive, and oriented toward total well-being. To be successful, healthcare organizations must deliver seamless, personalized, and secure omnichannel experiences that exceed expectations. Join Anil Bhatt of Elevance Health (formerly Anthem), as he discusses the company’s efforts in its journey to become a lifetime trusted partner in health.

Learn how Elevance Health has:

  • Taken action to reduce abrasion in the comprehensive member experience across acquisition, onboarding, engagement, and retention
  • Built a foundational data and engagement platform enabling customer-centric, personalized experiences
  • Leveraged AI and predictive modeling to guide health through next-best action recommendations

Industry Focus: Healthcare/Lifesciences

Type: Session

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