Material Bank: Redefining a Digital Marketplace: Shifting the Narrative on Design - S116

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As the world’s largest material marketplace for the architecture and design industry, Material Bank is at the forefront of providing the fastest and most powerful way for design professionals to search and sample materials. By working with Imagination Media to reimagine the customer experience, Material Bank powers complex searches across hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of materials in seconds – turning what used to be hours of work into minutes for its customers. Join this session to gain insights into how Material Bank and Imagination Media transformed a traditional marketplace into a highly personalized and immersive commerce experience.

This session will discuss:

  • The vision behind the design of Material Bank’s commerce platform – and the challenges it overcame along the way
  • Innovation driving unique features and capabilities including mood boards and multi-store modes
  • How Material Bank achieved triple digit increases in monthly and transactional growth

Industry Focus: Commerce, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution/Wholesale

Type: Session

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