Project Segment Scout

Aaron Shields — Adobe

Project Segment Scout focuses on simplifying data access and activation. With Adobe Experience Platform, brands can bring together data across unrelated channels like web, point-of-sale and more. However, one of the challenges with having so many points of data come together is finding what you are looking for and then connecting it to optimise customer experiences. Adobe’s Project Segment Scout is an experimental, natural language-based interface in Adobe Experience Platform that addresses this. It empowers users of any technical level to build powerful customer segments without needing the knowledge of how the data is structured. This means a marketer can build a complicated segment in seconds by simply typing something like, “20-something professionals in New York who added shoes to a basket and picked up in-store.” The system analyses the request and mines the data in Adobe Experience Platform to instantly provide a customer segment that can be analysed and activated for a marketing or loyalty campaign.

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