Adobe Target & Adobe Experience Platform: The Future of Personalisation

Ram Parthasarathy — Adobe

With consumer expectations for brands at an all-time high, marketers must align highly personalised capabilities for inbound channels with outbound communications to deliver deeper levels of engagement throughout the customer lifecycle, whether it’s for advertising, acquisition, upsell, cross-sell, retention or loyalty. And marketers must do all this in a quickly evolving technology landscape with a laser focus on consumer privacy and performance. Join Adobe experts to discuss the future of personalisation and how Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Platform are evolving to power the next generation of personalised experiences.

In this session, you'll learn about the following:

  • Strategies and best practices that customers are using to develop personalisation approaches every day.
  • The evolving technology landscape and what it means for performance, privacy and how personalisation can work in a cookieless world.
  • How Adobe Sensei can make decisioning more intelligent by using real-time and batch-scored models.

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