Content Strategy and Architecture: The Infrastructure Behind the Interface

Elise Hahn — Adobe

The role of content strategy in today’s digital ecosystem has never been more convoluted ... or important. Because content is inextricably linked with code, the definition must evolve. Explore a modern paradigm for content strategy with emphasis on one of the most misunderstood areas: content architecture. Through workflows, permissions, authoring models and more, learn how content architecture is a crucial part of the infrastructure needed to achieve content velocity.

Join us to discuss the following:

  • The interwoven systems of content strategy — UX, architecture, marketing and editorial practices — and how these areas align to Adobe products.
  • What the main elements of content architecture consist of within your digital ecosystem.
  • Why content architecture and a holistic view of strategy are critical to content velocity.


This session is for creative leaders, content managers and digital marketers.

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