Project Access Ace

Meera Nair — Adobe

The World Health Organisation estimates that 285 million people around the world have visual impairments. In the US alone, over 43 million people have dyslexia. When these individuals want to engage with their favourite brands, they are often not able to experience digital assets in the ways they were intended. Project Access Ace from Adobe gives marketers an easy way to build content for different campaigns, from emails to web landing pages, that will improve the inclusion of anyone with a visual impairment or cognitive dysfunction. It can be integrated with an app like Adobe Campaign, where a widget will instantly detect image or copy issues that are not compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (similar to a spell check). It will flag colour contrast issues, for example or missing semantics and alternative text. For those who are considered blind, it will ensure screen readers provide accurate read-outs, a longstanding challenge for brands. Marketers could make appropriate adjustments directly without interrupting their workflow.

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