Project Bon Voyage

Erin O'Connor — Adobe

Imagine a situation where a brand wants to digitally reconnect with customers that have been inactive for a month. The marketing team starts to build different journeys, clustering people with similar traits and customising how the brand interacts with them on different channels. For instance, one cluster could be “discount lovers.” Typically, the brand then has to wait until all the journeys have played out (over days or even weeks) before they can assess what worked. Adobe is showcasing Project Bon Voyage in Adobe Campaign, a product that lets users can see how journeys perform in real time, empowering corrective action where needed. Teams can see, for instance, that of the “discount lovers,” only 1% are actually engaging with a customised promotional offer. Adobe Sensei will use AI and machine learning to analyse patterns and identify reasons for the underperformance. In this instance, it could show that these users actually prefer content on how to use the service better, as opposed to discounts and automatically create a new journey path to engage them differently.

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