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Opening Adobe Keynote

Franck Attia Managing Director Nordics and Jakob Bartholdy, Customer Evangelist Adobe


Everyone is under pressure to do MORE with LESS while customers expect you to give them more FOR less: How do you generate growth when faced with these strong headwinds? Learn more from this keynote.

Adobe Showcase: How to drive Experience-Led Growth

Personalisation at scale and Content Supply Chain showcases to drive experience-led growth by Jo O'Connor, Principal Consultant Adobe

Keynote: Revolutionizing Customer Experience

Steven van Belleghem explores the ever-changing world of customer experience (CX) and equips you with the tools to future-proof your organization

Nuuday (YouSee): Transform your customer experience

Jonas Munk, VP, unveils Nuuday's data-driven personalization strategy to enhance customer experiences

DNB's journey towards personalized experiences

Trine Smedheim Product Manager Personalization & Experimentation highlights DNB's real-time data-driven omnichannel success

Scania's B2B Personalization Journey

Jannie Christiansen, Communications and Marketing Manager at Scania, presents how Scania is shifting from traditional B2B to digital marketing, delivering tangible benefits in marketing and sales

STARK: Transforming Traditional B2B

Christian Agger, Interim Head of Digital at STARK, shares how sustainability and services drive their B2B transformation beyond e-commerce for enhanced customer experiences and commerce solutions

Swedbank's Omnichannel Journey

Join Sara Wilkins, Head of Digital Content at Swedbank, as she shares their seamless evolution and how they are optimizing CX during their transition to a cloud solution, enhancing digital journeys

GenAI: Transforming Content Supply Chain

Discover how GenAI accelerates operations, enhances efficiency, and delivers personalized content for profitable growth, with Johan Lopes Helgesson, Principal Solutions Consultant at Adobe

Customer panel discussion: Future of Customer Experience

Join DNB, Swedbank, Nuuday, Scania, Stark, and Adobe in a discussion on the future of customer experience

Analytics Tech Talk by Accutics: True Incrementality

Frederik Werner, Head of Analytics at Accutics, dives into achieving true analytics incrementality and revolutionizing your data work with the right mindset, strategy, and toolstack

Deep Dive: Digital Transformation Operating Models

Kris Manshoven, Principal Digital Strategist at Adobe Consulting EMEA, shares insights on effective models for enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and innovation at an enterprise scale

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