20/20 Vision into Reporting and Attribution: Avoid Seeing Double

Kara Brasfield, Helen Abramova — Verizon

Individually, Marketo Engage is a key player for a company's brand, and Adobe Analytics gathers precise details on traffic. Combined, these two tools create a complete picture of the entire customer journey. We'll share how we used EVAR parameters to build a new approach to analytics and attribution. Find out how our unique solution — Universal Gating System — became essential in personalizing and gating content on our website, passing the data into Marketo Engage, and enabling advanced and holistic reporting.

Key takeaways:

  • How to pass EVARs to Marketo Engage forms.
  • Best practices for hard- and soft-gating content using embedded Marketo Engage forms in Adobe Experience Manager.
  • How to resolve GDPR-compliance aspects of asset gating.

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