A Clean, Mean, Actionable Data Machine: A Deep Dive on Data Democratization

Stephanie Burton — Adobe | Jacquelyn Wegmann — Thomson Reuters

How can you ensure that your organization’s analytics practice is running at peak efficiency? Adobe’s industry-leading experts discuss four key pillars to your analytics strategy and implementation: organizational readiness, data collection strategy, data health, and data democratization. Our experts also provide a deep dive into one of the most important pillars – data democratization. Learn the steps you need to move the needle in creating a data-driven, decision-making culture.

In this session, you'll get the following:

  • Actionable tips and tricks to establish and improve data governance in your organization.
  • Best practices for data democratization and immediate steps that you can take to see benefits.
  • Real-world examples from a top brand’s journey to improve its governance strategy.


This intermediate session is for web and digital analysts in all industries.

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