Creating a More Inclusive Workflow for Designers Working with Adobe Experience Manager

Tiffany Olejnik, Hyman Chung — Adobe

As a designer, the idea of unleashing your pixel-perfect designs into the wild west of content authoring can be scary. While, the integrity of your company's user experience needs to be maintained and locked-down, content authors require flexibility in order to create layouts that don't require a development workflow every time a page is published in Experience Manager. By enabling your design workflow to incorporate consideration for content authoring and leveraging key Experience Manager features, you can streamline the process from design to implementation, all without compromising on UX governance.

Key takeaways include the following:

  • Understanding content author capabilities in Experience Manager for editable templates, layout mode, style system, and core components.
  • Opportunities for involvement within the content creation process to promote a faster time to publish.
  • Tools and best practices for empowering design teams to leverage Experience Manager as part of their UX governance strategy.

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