ROI You Can Bank On: BMO's Blueprint for Proving Personalization Value

Claire Yeh, Chris Menezes — Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal is one of the leading Canadian banks with millions of customers throughout North America. As an established brand with a rich history, a wealth of customer data, and a purpose statement of “Boldly Grow the Good” for their customers, BMO knows the importance of personalization. Within just three years, BMO has grown a team of 2 to 23 rock stars who continuously demonstrate value for their customers and their brand. For Chris Menezes, senior manager for personalization, and Claire Yeh, manager for personalization and A/B testing, personalization means understanding their customers' needs and motivations and crafting experience journeys that start with the customer. Join Chris and Claire as they detail the personalization journey that BMO has undertaken.

What to expect in this session:

  • Learn how BMO thinks about personalization and A/B testing.
  • Find out how the team grew from 2 to 23 in three years by proving the value of personalization.
  • Get best practices for building a high-performing team and delivering value through quality experiences.

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