Building a personalisation programme: From zero to profit in six months

Darran Kolodziej   |   Ruphinder Chahal – Three UK

Three UK are the youngest of the four UK Mobile Network Operators, currently having over 10 million customers. Considering themselves a challenger brand wanting to break the “status quo” of mobile industry standards, they aim to “Free the Fun” for the customers, by delivering great mobile experiences. The online team for Three has seen rapid growth over the past few years, and online now accounts for around 30% of Three UK’s sales. The start of 2019 saw them stand up their personalisation function with Ruphinder Chahal (Lead Personalisation Manager), and Darran Kolodziej (Digital Insights Manager), leading the programme. This session looks at how Three are using customer data and intelligence through Adobe Analytics & Adobe Target, to enhance personalised experience, and the success they have had in demonstrating a significant ROI in a short space of time using a truly customer and data driven approach.
Join us to learn:

  • How to build the case for personalisation and optimisation investment in your organisation
  • Create an effective strategy for personalisation and optimisation which drives results quickly
  • How to drive and instil a culture of data and customer driven decision making in your team, and wider in your organisation.

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