Data-Driven Engagement: Give Your Prospects the Content They Crave

Rachel Noble — Digital Pi

Drip, nurture, engagement. If you think it’s all one and the same, think again. Your data-driven engagement program is the secret ingredient to great connections with prospects. It can make or break a dish or, in this case, your brand. It requires reaching the right audience at the right time with the right content to create a truly unique experience that leaves your buyers feeling satisfied. If you’re a Marketo Engage user and not exercising engagement programs to the fullest potential, join this session to learn some best practices and expert advice for spicing up your data-driven engagement program.

Leave with an understanding of these topics:

  • How to successfully select the right audience, content, and cadence for your program.
  • Which channels to integrate into your strategy and the best technologies to support them.
  • Behavioral signals that can indicate which type of content — from stage to topic — to send to prospects and when.

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