Project Gluestick

Ron Nagy — Adobe

Automation and agility are critical to how brands provide meaningful experiences at scale. Often, this requires creating custom integrations between applications for streamlined process. Most people don’t know where to start or how to use APIs to make the integrations. Project Gluestick is the concept of a no-code, visual interface that builds custom apps and creates new workflows to help brands create the cross application automation they need faster than ever before. Take an e-commerce manager on Adobe Experience Manager, who has to get images onto the website. With Project Gluestick the team can use a no-code UI to build a sequence of events with drag-and-drop elements where, for example, photos uploaded via Adobe Creative Cloud will trigger AI in Adobe Sensei to automatically set image size and resolution per brand guidelines, then instantly generate a crop that focuses on the relevant product. Then another event triggers image swatches via Photoshop to match colors. Finally with Adobe I/O, tags are instantly added so that images are easy to find in the future. The whole process is automated, so as images are placed in a folder in Creative Cloud, the workflow instantly gets to work churning through hundreds or even thousands of images, moving them through the process and connecting them directly into Experience Manager or other Adobe Experience Cloud products to be used in customer experiences.

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