Magento Innovations Lab: Pop-Up Autonomous Retail as a Service

Tom McFadyen, McFadyen Digital   |   Michele Miller, Adobe

Some of the biggest trends in retail have been pop-up stores, cashierless or staffless stores (e.g., Amazon Go), digital signage, electronic shelf labels (ESL), and green solutions. This portable innovation showcases these benefits with Magento, other Adobe solutions, IOT, PWA, MSI, microcontrollers, 4G/5G, solar power, and other technologies.

This Magento-powered prototype can transform last-mile delivery by combining physical and digital (“phygital”) commerce. This autonomous store can be located anywhere (and easily relocated) for items carried in inventory (e.g., top sellers) or delivered to a locker (BOPIL). An ESL will pull product title, price, and other information from Magento.

Technical requirements: This includes the necessity for connectivity as well as any devices that you will be using on stage — make, model, and more.

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