Magento Innovations Lab: Seamless Sign-In Across Devices

Rafael Corréa Gomes, Le Site   |   Michele Miller, Adobe

What if you don’t need to remember if you have a store’s account anymore? But better than that, what if you don’t even need to see the login page anymore, being signed in with no further interaction? Magento received one of the biggest web updates, and now all your users can order in your store without any need to log in — being logged in automatically — no matter the device that used in the first login, avoiding repetitive processes and removing the friction from the sign-in flow across all your devices.

This brand-new feature by W3C makes seamless sign-in across devices possible, revolutionizing the identity connectivity across devices.

No more asking for passwords or emails after creating your account or logging in once — all your devices will remember who you are. Customers don't need to remember their password or even if they have an account for your store. And they don't need to see the customer login page again, which is one barrier to finish the order. With more customer browsing logged, you'll have more data to work with, knowing exactly who your clients are.

Your customers will be able to save many accounts and log in with one tap, no matter the device, using the browser's password management. It can be enabled to try to detect saved passwords in all the pages, and if there is at least one password saved, it can use it to do the silent login.

If the browser doesn't support this feature, the behavior will be the default.

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