Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: How Larson-Juhl Modernized Its Business

Anita Andrews — Adobe | Manmit Walia — Larson Juhl | Gunchal Pental — Source Mash Technologies Private Limited

In business, achieving desired outcomes requires combining the brightest talent with the best technology. Easier said than done, right? The truth is that merchants should never settle when searching for the right chemistry of allies. The story of Larson-Juhl, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is inspiring. Larson-Juhl took an open-minded approach to align multiple parties with unique areas of expertise to revolutionize their business. Together with their system integrator, SourceMash, and Magento Services, Larson-Juhl implemented Magento Commerce and Magento Order Management to transform the business into a digital self-service company.

In this session, learn about the following:

  • The decisions that Larson-Juhl made to revolutionize its customer experience using Magento Commerce.
  • How Larson-Juhl made it easy to do business with them by optimizing the omnichannel experience across the globe.
  • The strong partnership between Adobe, SourceMash, and Larson-Juhl provided best-in-class delivery services.
  • Fast-tracking the transition of support via an ERP system into the Magento Customer Service Portal.

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