Content for ANYWHERE: Making Omnichannel Experiences a Reality with Ease

Nick Whittenburg, Amol Anand — Adobe

Chances are that your customers are adopting new and emerging channels, hopping from device to device and channel to channel. Adobe Experience Manager ensures that you're reaching customers wherever and however they're interacting with your brand. The challenge is to seamlessly deliver consistent experiences across all channels without sinking time into recreating content for each channel. Make the most out of your existing web content using our Content Services. Discover best practices from the pros on how to author omnichannel content quickly and easily. Experience a demo of reusing content easily across web and single page applications, mobile, voice, chat, and email.

Learn tips and tricks on how to do the following:

  • Author channel-agnostic content for both traditional and headless content delivery.
  • Rapidly create and edit content using Experience Manager Sites content and experience fragments.
  • Reuse and publish consistent content across various points of interaction.
  • Develop a content strategy that allows marketers and developers to work in tandem.

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