Journey Orchestration: Championing Real-Time Experiences at Relevent Sports

Jeremy Page — Adobe | Brian Mermelshtein, Aidan Lyons — Relevent Sports

Journey Orchestration helps brands break down experience silos across their organization and across the customer lifecycle to anticipate every individual’s needs — from awareness to conversion and retention — to create competitive advantages, increased engagement, and customer lifetime value through scalable, event-based engagement. 

This tips and tricks session showcases the following:

  • An introduction to Journey Orchestration and how brands can act on untapped real-time insights to orchestrate compelling experiences at scale.
  • Why Relevent Sports implemented Journey Orchestration and the successes they’ve seen in creating compelling real-time experiences throughout the International Champions Cup.
  • Best practices to confidently start ideating, creating, and testing real-time journeys for every individual.

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