Why Leads Great 'Til They Gotta Be Great? Resuscitate & Revive Dying Leads

Amanda Thomas — Etumos

In the words of Lizzo, “I just pulled a revenue report. Turns out I’m 100% off target.” It's always important to hit revenue goals, and missing the mark can happen for a multitude of reasons. Don’t let dying leads be one of them. Too often, leads hit a threshold, get passed over to sales, and then go cold. Ensure that you’re getting the most engagement out of your database with this session’s step-by-step guide to nurture your leads back into the hot seat. We’ll teach you how to pinpoint where your problems are, and then bring your leads back to life like a boss.

Leave this session knowing how to build the following:

  • Reports to find when and why your leads are falling out of the sales cycle.
  • Engagement programs to reengage your stale leads.
  • Reports to measure the impact of your new nurture.

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