Cross-Device Analytics: Top Tips to Tackle the Complex Customer Journey

Matt Freestone, Nils Engel — Adobe

Do you wish you could move beyond device-centric insights to understand how people interact with your brand in their total online experience? Do you want to use Analysis Workspace capabilities like attribution, cohort, segment builder, flow and fallout, to visually understand these journeys? This session will introduce you to Journey IQ: Cross-Device Analytics – the new out-of-the-box capability available today in Adobe Analytics Ultimate. With Cross-Device Analytics, your business will be able to understand a customer’s behavior as they navigate across mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet and more. 

In this session:

  • Learn what Cross-Device Analytics is and how it compares to Customer Journey Analytics
  • Learn about the types of insights that are possible when using a cross-device view of the data.
  • Identify the steps you need to take to enable your organization with the power of Cross-Device Analytics.


This session is for any user interested in understanding the capabilities and benefits Cross-Device Analytics.

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