The Web and Beyond: The Power of Traditional + Headless Content Management

Gabriel Walt, Amol Anand — Adobe

Are you making the most of your investment in Adobe Experience Manager? Managing content across an ever-expanding set of channels using multiple content systems for different applications can be resource intensive and expensive. But with your investment in Experience Manager, you have a modern unified solution for all your content needs – from web and mobile apps to single page applications (SPAs), IoT, and more. Do more by leveraging content and experience fragments as content strategy building blocks.

Learn how to deliver content anywhere using our Content Services Framework that allows you to do the following:

  • Power any application or channel with headless or traditional content delivery.
  • Populate experiences using content at or below the page level with HTTP APIs.
  • Develop SPAs to allow for in-context, self-serve editing and reduce content maintenance effort.
  • Build governance guardrails with custom processes and granular access to content.
  • Get architectural considerations when designing for both mature and emerging channels.


In this session, we'll also discuss the following topics:

  • Interactive content management for kiosks, product catalogs, and more using single-page applications (SPA). 
  • Dynamic text overlays for localization and real-time content.
  • Advanced content and playlist scheduling.
  • Operational efficiency improvements with workflow automation of signage content

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