Meet Alloy.js and Never Tag for an eVar or Mbox Again

Corey Spencer, Brandon Pack — Adobe

Over the years, as Adobe has built or acquired new technology, and we've collected lots of JavaScript libraries — AppMeasurement.js, mbox.js, at.js, DIL.js, Visitor.js, just to name a few. Each has its own strengths, features, history, functions, schema, quirks, and interdependencies. Although Adobe Experience Platform Launch makes it as easy as possible to manage all these libraries, customers have been asking us for years why we can’t just have one JavaScript tag and library. 

Today is the day. Meet the new Alloy.js. Our team has worked hard all year to take all the best features of our current libraries and build a new one that supports Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Target. One library and beacon, sent to a single destination, then mapped and sent to all your Adobe solutions server side. And that’s just the beginning.

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