Amplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy - S317

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About the session

Adobe Experience Platform has revolutionized the core capabilities of a marketer’s toolkit for analytics, insights, and activation. Break down silos and amplify the benefits of cutting-edge features across your martech stack. Thought leaders demonstrate how brands can share insights, evolve customer data management, and optimize digital experiences across channels.

Learn how to:

  • Democratize data and insights across channels
  • Unify known and unknown customer data to create trusted customer profiles
  • Enable real-time orchestration use cases leveraging contextual data
  • Activate audiences across marketing and advertising channels

Track: Analytics, Insights, and Activation, B2B Marketing and ABM, Adobe Experience Platform

Industry Focus: Advertising/Publishing, Automotive, Commerce, Consumer Goods, Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare/Lifesciences, High Tech, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel & Hospitality

Technical Level: Advanced

Presentation Style: Tips & Tricks

Session Type: Session

Audience Type: Advertiser, Campaign Manager, Database Marketing Manager, Digital Analyst, Email Marketer, IT Executive, Marketing Executive, Mobile Marketer, Publisher, Segmentation Specialist, Audience Strategist, Channel Marketer, Operations/COO, Project Manager

Business Type: B2B, B2C

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Creating a data-rich approach to digital problem solving