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About the session

In the past year, customer behavior has shifted at an unprecedented rate. The onset of COVID-19 brought with it store closings nationwide, making a successful online presence crucial. But as stores are now reopening, a user-friendly and dynamic commerce experience is still just as important. Consumers have solidified their online purchasing habits, and the projected number of Americans engaging in digital purchasing is slated to rise to more than 230 million in 2021. MRM VP of Client Services, Vaibhavi Bhide, discusses retail and e-commerce strategies with KASHIYAMA VP, BJ McCahill, and ways to adapt agilely and successfully in a booming commerce landscape.

Learn about why:

  • A scalable, flexible, and robust platform is key to expanding your brand value
  • Leveraging technology partners is crucial to replicating brick-and-mortar experiences online
  • Having a strategic agency partner helps establish and optimize your business’s commerce experience

Track: Digital Commerce, Trends and Inspiration

Industry Focus: Commerce, Retail

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Case/Use Study

Session Type: Session

Audience Type: Digital Marketer, Marketing Executive, Channel Marketer, Commerce Executive, Commerce Marketer

Business Type: B2C

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