Intuit Integrates Social Responsibility into Its Marketing Plan - S953

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  • Lara Balazs

    Lara Balazs

    CMO & GM of Strategic Partnerships, Intuit

About the session

Following an unprecedented year, it’s become clear that being a purpose-driven business is more important than ever. Many popular brands – from Chevron to Amazon and Comcast – are buying national advertising spots to celebrate their companies’ efforts to be better corporate citizens. Intuit CMO and general manager of strategic partnerships, Lara Balazs, was an early adopter to this trend, building brand awareness and reputation for Intuit and its brands by leveraging the company’s social responsibility efforts, ranging from job creation and job readiness to diversity and equity, to climate change, in its marketing campaigns.

Learn about:

  • Why social responsibility is important to build brand reputation
  • How marketers can successfully drive purpose where it counts most and make an impact on reputation
  • How Intuit’s purpose-driven campaigns have fared
  • The dos and don’ts of purpose-driven marketing, with examples on what to avoid

Track: Trends and Inspiration

Industry Focus: Financial Services & Insurance

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Thought Leadership

Session Type: Session

Audience Type: Advertiser, Marketing Executive

Business Type: B2B, B2C, SMB

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