Leveling Up in Adobe Analytics: Tips & Tricks - E169

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About the session

Anyone who has ever played video games will tell you that knowing the tricks and the shortcuts is critical to success. The same is true in the world of analytics, where knowing your way around your data and your tools saves time and makes money for your organization. Boost your experience points with Adobe Analytics product managers Jen Lasser and Ben Gaines as they explain the Adobe Analytics tips that will help you win the analytics game in 2021 and beyond.

Learn about:

  • Getting your users access to rich insights faster than ever and in their existing workflows
  • Reducing the learning curve to build a culture of analysis in your organization
  • Advanced methods for understanding and optimizing the customer journey leading to conversion
  • New ways to reduce the impact of bots and other automated traffic on your data

We recommend this session for intermediate and advanced users of Adobe Analytics.

Track: Analytics, Insights, and Activation

Technical Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Presentation Style: Tips & Tricks

Session Type: Session

Audience Type: Business Analyst, Digital Analyst, Data Scientist, Web Analyst

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