Leveling Up the Brand Experience with Product Customization - S710

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Advances in digital and manufacturing technology are now enabling brands to offer customers the ability to personalize and customize items online and then quickly deliver to a customer’s front door. Customization strengthens the customer experience by inviting them to become partners in the product creation process; it fosters brand loyalty and brand evangelists. The better the user experience, the better opportunity for conversions. Scuf Gaming is leveraging exactly that technology to differentiate in the gaming industry. Its products are highly customizable – with custom combinations in the millions – and customers love the ability to order a product that is unique to them, entirely personalized to their specifications.

Learn how Scuf has leveraged the Magento Commerce platform for:

  • Custom gaming control configurator, a 3D visualization tool to personalize the color, grip, size, paddles, and more
  • Product bundling options
  • Upsell opportunities with add-ons during checkout

Track: Digital Commerce

Industry Focus: Commerce, Consumer Goods, High Tech

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Case/Use Study

Session Type: Session

Audience Type: Business Analyst, Developer, Digital Marketer, IT Executive, Marketing Executive, Commerce Executive, Commerce Marketer, Operations/COO, UX/UI/Web Designer

Business Type: B2C

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Leveling up the brand experience with product customization

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