RS Components Connects with Customers with Product Recommendations - E275

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About the session

The RS Components Personalisation team’s vision is to put the right product in front of the right customer at the right time. For the past four years, they’ve used Adobe Target Recommendations capabilities to build globally scalable, data-driven experiences that showcase relevant products to customers at specific points in their journeys, successfully generating millions of pounds in revenue each month through engagement, not footfall.

Hear from RS Components about:

  • Product recommendations and how they measure performance
  • Using ‘smart’ control groups, which enable optimization of the experience with a laser focus
  • A learning path towards self-governing recommendations and hyper-personalisation

Track: Personalization

Industry Focus: Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution/Wholesale

Technical Level: General Audience, Intermediate, Beginner to Intermediate

Presentation Style: Tips & Tricks

Session Type: Session

Audience Type: Business Analyst, Campaign Manager, Digital Analyst, Digital Marketer, Marketing Executive, Commerce Executive, Data Scientist, Optimization Manager, Web Marketer, Commerce Marketer, Web Analyst

Business Type: B2B, B2C

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