Savvy Search Sneak - GS3-2

Closed captions in English, French, and German can be accessed in the video player.

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  • Silky Kedawat

    Silky Kedawat

    Principal Product Manager, Experience Cloud, Adobe

About the session

Normally, in order to do their jobs, marketers require multiple applications and browser tabs, and need to know where to look in each of them. Silky Kedawat shows us how Savvy Search uses a simple question and answer format to enhance Adobe software and give users immediate answers, across applications and across tasks.

Track: Analytics, Insights, and Activation, Personalization, Adobe Experience Platform, Campaign Management

Technical Level: General Audience

Session Type: Keynotes & Sneaks

Audience Type: Advertiser, Business Analyst, Campaign Manager, Database Marketing Manager, Developer, Digital Analyst, Digital Marketer, Email Marketer, IT Architect, Mobile Marketer, Publisher, Segmentation Specialist, Audience Strategist, Channel Marketer, Content Marketer, Data Scientist, Optimization Manager, Social Marketer, Web Marketer, Commerce Marketer, Web Analyst, Project Manager

Business Type: B2B, B2C, SMB

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