Think Outside the Inbox: Building Effective Email Programs - TW101

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About the session

Impactful email marketing involves more than just pressing the Send button. Today, marketers need to consider email best practices when targeting their audiences, designing their content, scheduling their communications, and measuring the success of their initiatives. Through the proper creation of email programs in Marketo Engage, marketers can effectively relay their messages and prove how email marketing contributes to the success of their marketing goals. In this 2-hour training workshop, get coached from Adobe Learning Services expert instructors about how to build effective email programs that take your marketing to the next level.

Track: B2B Marketing and ABM

Technical Level: Beginner

Presentation Style: Tips & Tricks

Session Type: Training Workshop

Audience Type: Campaign Manager, Creative Leader, Database Marketing Manager, Digital Analyst, Digital Marketer, Email Marketer, Marketing Executive, Mobile Marketer, Segmentation Specialist, Channel Marketer, Content Marketer, Optimization Manager, Social Marketer, Web Marketer, Web Analyst, Operations/COO, Project Manager

Business Type: SMB

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