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Customer Journey Analytics: Insights Into the Rest of the Story - SS1

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  • Jeff Allen

    Jeff Allen

    Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Analytics, Adobe

  • Zachery Anderson

    Zachery Anderson

    Chief Data and Analytics Officer, NatWest Group

  • Eric Matisoff

    Eric Matisoff

    Principal Evangelist, Analytics & Data Science, Adobe


It takes only one additional data point to make you rethink your entire understanding about an audience or an experience. If you design personalized customer experiences using just part of the story, you risk wasting precious marketing resources, and you could squander valuable opportunities to interact with your customers. Omnichannel insights – not data – are the building blocks for compelling personalized interactions and provide the critical context needed to deliver on customer expectations in the moments that matter. Join us to learn how to rethink what it means to extract value from data and discover the rest of the story about your customers.

Track: Analytics for Customer Journeys, Customer Data Management, Personalization at Scale

Session Type: Innovation Super Session

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Thought Leadership

Audience Type: Advertiser, Business Analyst, Campaign Manager, Database Marketing Manager, Digital Analyst, Digital Marketer, Email Marketer, IT Architect, IT Executive, Marketing Executive, Mobile Marketer, Segmentation Specialist, Audience Strategist, Channel Marketer, Content Marketer, Data Scientist, Social Marketer, Web Marketer, Project Manager

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