Becoming a Business of Customer Experience with AI - S802

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  • Brian Duke

    Brian Duke

    Managing Director - Adobe Business Group, Accenture


We’re in the middle of an experience revolution. It’s pushing companies to move way beyond a narrow CX focus and reimagine how their business operates and interacts with customers, creating unrivaled new experiences at enterprise scale. The solution? Harnessing AI to create the business of experience (BX) — a holistic approach through which the whole organization becomes customer-obsessed to drive relevancy and new growth. Discover how every aspect of a company’s operations can and must adapt to deliver to customers’ new, unmet, and frequently changing needs.
Learn about:

  • Harnessing the best of technology, data, and creativity to become a BX
  • How identity resolution seamlessly connects online and offline customer profiles
  • Why respecting customer privacy and data regulations is non-negotiable

Track: B2B Marketing

Session Type: Session

Technical Level: Beginner

Presentation Style: Thought Leadership

Audience Type: IT Executive, Marketing Executive, Operations/COO

Industry Focus: Consulting/Agency, Professional Services

Business Type: B2B

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