How Marriott Experiments Its Way to Data-driven Personalization - S720

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  • Drew Burns

    Drew Burns

    Group Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

  • Susan Bloomberg

    Susan Bloomberg

    VP Martech, Merchandising, & Product Performance, Marriott International


Offering the most powerful portfolio in the industry, Marriot’s 30 brands and 7,000+ properties across 131 countries and territories give people more ways to connect, experience, and expand their world. Susan Bloomberg, vice president of Personalization and Product Performance, is a central figure in Marriott’s journey to elevate luxury. For Susan, personalization means putting the customer at the center of everything to create an experience that meets guests’ individual needs. To achieve this, Marriott is building a data-driven, agile product mindset across the business to ensure that it’s listening to customer feedback. Susan spends her workdays evangelizing this mindset and leading teams that exemplify those principles, including co-branded credit cards, merchandising, experimentation, and tagging and analytics.

In this session, learn how to:

  • Define a good audience for targeting
  • Write a good hypothesis for an experiment or personalization campaign
  • Find valuable insights in your data to iterate and improve key outcomes

Track: Omnichannel Marketing and Optimization, Personalization at Scale

Session Type: Session

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Case/Use Study

Audience Type: Campaign Manager, Digital Analyst, Digital Marketer, Segmentation Specialist, Optimization Manager, Web Marketer, Web Analyst, Product Manager

Industry Focus: Travel & Hospitality

Business Type: B2C

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Understanding Real People Through Data

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