Tractor Supply Modernizes Its Tech Stack with Headless CMS - S309

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  • Tina Ngo

    Tina Ngo

    Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

  • Glenn Allison

    Glenn Allison

    VP Customer Facing Applications, Tractor Supply Company


Tractor Supply, a $10 billion Fortune 500 retail company, understands that the world has moved even further online, where now digital-first is no longer a nice to have but a need to have. Tractor Supply uses Adobe Experience Manager headless CMS to meet customers where they are (whether online, in-person, or mobile) and deliver exceptional digital experiences that positively impact their bottom line.

In this session, learn:

  • What expectational omnichannel experiences look like and why it matters
  • How Tractor Supply built a scalable tech stack that powers over 1M transactions 
  • Why a tech stack that empowers developers and marketers is critical
  • Deliver personalized content to customers across every channel

Track: Content Management for Personalized Experiences

Session Type: Session

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Tips & Tricks

Audience Type: Developer, Digital Marketer, IT Architect, IT Executive, Marketing Executive, Mobile Marketer, Content Marketer, Product Manager

Industry Focus: Commerce, Retail

Business Type: B2B, B2C

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