Future of Health Is Now: Predictive, Proactive, Personalized - S807

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  • Anil Bhatt

    Anil Bhatt

    Global Chief Information Officer, Anthem


The future of health is here—it’s consumer-centric, digital-first, proactive, and oriented toward total well-being. To be successful, healthcare organizations must deliver seamless, personalized, and secure omnichannel experiences that exceed expectations. Join Anthem CIO, Anil Bhatt, as he discusses the company’s efforts in its journey to become a lifetime trusted partner in health. 
Learn how Anthem has:

  • Taken action to reduce abrasion in the comprehensive member experience across acquisition, onboarding, engagement, and retention
  • Built a foundational data and engagement platform enabling customer-centric, personalized experiences
  • Leveraged AI and predictive modeling to guide health through next-best action recommendations

Track: Content Management for Personalized Experiences, Omnichannel Marketing and Optimization, Personalization at Scale

Session Type: Session

Technical Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Presentation Style: Case/Use Study

Audience Type: Business Analyst, Creative Leader, Digital Analyst, Digital Marketer, IT Architect, IT Executive, Marketing Executive, Publisher, Content Marketer, Optimization Manager, Web Marketer, Web Analyst, Product Manager, Web Designer

Industry Focus: Healthcare/Lifesciences

Business Type: B2C

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Building Trust in Digital Healthcare

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