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Join Ben Harris, executive director of marketing at Mannkind, and Michael Paige, chief digital officer at R2integrated, as they discuss how their novel inhalable insulin commercial strategy is pioneering exciting new patient and healthcare provider experiences. Anchored in awareness and education marketing through a data-driven omnichannel approach, R2i and Mannkind are working together to further brand awareness to fulfill the mission of changing the way diabetes is treated. 

Key takeaways include: 

  • Journey orchestration surrounding education of an innovative pharmaceutical product 
  • Leveraging marketing technology to reach and guide healthcare providers and qualified patients through the appropriate journeys 
  • Integrating multichannel data, analytics, and marketing automation to increase brand awareness and effectively communicate messaging to patients

Track: Analytics for Customer Journeys, B2B Marketing, Content Management for Personalized Experiences, Customer Data Management, Omnichannel Marketing and Optimization, Personalization at Scale

Session Type: Session

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Case/Use Study, Thought Leadership

Audience Type: Business Analyst, Campaign Manager, Database Marketing Manager, Developer, Digital Analyst, Digital Marketer, Email Marketer, IT Architect, IT Executive, Marketing Executive, Publisher, Segmentation Specialist, Content Marketer, Data Scientist, Optimization Manager, Social Marketer, Web Marketer, Commerce Marketer/Merchandiser, Product Manager, Operations/COO, Project Manager, Web Designer

Industry Focus: Consumer Goods, Healthcare/Lifesciences

Business Type: B2B

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Optimizing the Customer Journey Via Data and Personalization

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