Cisco Reimagines Experience To Drive Growth with AEM Cloud - S307

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Cisco Systems, one of the world’s leading information technology and networking companies, embarked on an ambitious digital transformation to launch a SaaS distribution model and new cross-portfolio solutions. With over 100 million visitors across 59 countries and 27 languages, is at the center of the company's product awareness, demand generation, and customer service.

In this session, learn how Cisco:

  • United its digital marketing, customer experience, and IT teams
  • Leveraged Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service along with a suite of Adobe data, content, and journey solutions to create meaningful digital customer experiences that showcase innovation and increase engagement
  • Streamlined workflows to increase efficiency, reduce time to market, and drive growth with a new business model 

Use the unique Experience League Community thread here to pose questions prior to, during, or after this session, and the speakers and Adobe team will answer!

Public Track: Content that Drives Performance

Type: Session

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Value Realization

Audience Type: Digital Marketer, IT Architect, IT Executive, Marketing Executive, Web Marketer, Product Manager, IT Practitioner

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