Four Pragmatic Approaches for Successful Sales and Marketing Alignment - S733

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  • Vincent Washington

    VP, CXM Best Practices Group, Sprinklr

  • Tusar Barik

    Director, Marketing, LinkedIn

  • Chip Scovic

    VP, High Tech, Auto, Manufacturing, Professional Services Industries and B2B GTM , Adobe

  • Ty Heath

    Director of Market Engagement, The B2B Institute, LinkedIn


A Forrester research report commissioned by LinkedIn found that 85% of sales and marketing leaders and managers said aligning sales and marketing was their single biggest opportunity to improve performance. That opportunity has never felt more important given the current economic climate combined with shifting regulation in data privacy. Ty Heath, director at LinkedIn's B2B Institute, moderates a conversation with Tusar Barik, Director of Agency and Partner Marketing at LinkedIn, Chip Scovic, VP of High Tech, Manufacturing and B2B GTM at Adobe, and Vincent Washington, VP of CXM Best Practices Group at Sprinklr, about how marketing and sales teams can collaborate effectively to meet the challenges of today's market.


In this session, learn how to:

  • Design a strategy that meets marketing and sales objectives
  • Build processes that support a complex buyer journey
  • Create content that integrates sales and marketing
  • Foster consistent communication and collaboration

Public Track: Collaborative Work Management, B2B Marketing, Content that Drives Performance

Type: Session

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