Healthcare Unification on Adobe Experience Manager Sites - S726

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Learn from Qualified Digital and CommonSpirit Health, the nation’s second largest healthcare provider. Hear how they pivoted the Adobe ecosystem approach to consolidate many visual identities, locations, and teams. While the initial rollout targeted solutions to complex technology challenges, a strategic value story came to light – leveraging opportunities for shared best-in-class user experience, SEO equity, medical content, features, locators, and operations across many geographies and sites. Discover how they architected this combined power while maintaining individual identities and local compliance and distinction.

In this session, we'll discuss how to:

  • Plan for the unique and same
  • Measure and learn in many places to optimize across all
  • Cascade change to maximize the patient experience and support growth and loyalty for the organization

Public Track: Powering your Digital Business with Adobe Experience Cloud

Type: Session

Technical Level: General Audience, Beginner, Intermediate

Presentation Style: Case/Use Study, Value Realization

Audience Type: Creative Leader, Digital Analyst, IT Architect, IT Executive, Marketing Executive, IT Practitioner, Operations Executive

Industry Focus: Healthcare/Lifesciences

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