Helen of Troy's Direct-to-Consumer Digital Transformation - S516

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Embarking on a digital transformation for a single brand is a significant challenge. Imagine multiplying that effort across all the brands in a company's portfolio. Helen of Troy, parent company of such household brands as Hydro Flask, Oxo, and Osprey, is in the midst of a digital-first transformation across their portfolio. Get a firsthand look at how an iconic CPG like Helen of Troy has approached this complex, yet necessary, transition into direct-to-consumer sales.

Learn how Helen of Troy is:

  • Crafting a multibrand commerce strategy and delivery roadmap
  • Moving toward a cloud-based and headless architecture as a foundation to scale
  • Standardizing the process for adding new brands and countries
  • Leveraging out-of-the-box Adobe Commerce capabilities to speed time to market

Public Track: Commerce Made Personal

Type: Session

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Case/Use Study

Audience Type: Developer, IT Architect, IT Executive, Marketing Executive, Commerce Executive, Commerce Marketer/Merchandiser

Industry Focus: Commerce, Consumer Goods

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