How to Diagnose and Treat Your Marketo Lead Lifecycle - S731

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A broken Marketo CRM lifecycle endangers the entire enterprise revenue engine. MOPS feels it first with lead tracking and segmentation issues. But it also becomes impossible to forecast future sales, deals are slower to close, and resources are wasted due to a lack of sales and marketing goal alignment. A well-architected Marketo lifecycle is the key to maximizing your revenue potential, although it can be baffling to factor in technical constraints, process, and business needs. Amanda Giacobassi, MERGE’s director of Solutions Architecture, breaks it down with actionable insights based on her experience of building scalable systems for fast-growing startups and Fortune 500 companies.

In this session, learn:

  • Best practices for configuring lifecycle architecture between Marketo Engage and your CRM 
  • How to determine which approach is best for your business
  • How to implement your target lifecycle in Marketo Engage

Public Track: Analytics for Customer Journeys, B2B Marketing, Customer Data Management and Activation

Type: Session

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Value Realization

Audience Type: Campaign Manager, Database Marketing Manager, Digital Marketer, Email Marketer, Marketing Executive, Web Marketer, Operations, Operations Executive

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