Mazda: Personalization Inspired by Japanese Hospitality - S821

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The automotive industry is experiencing new forms of personalization, from digital experiences on the web or in-app to in-vehicle personalization. Mazda is at the forefront of this automotive digital transformation by using advanced facial recognition to adjust the driver’s position, display, climate controls, and sound system preferences and create frictionless, joy-inducing digital experiences.

In this session:

  • The role of personalization throughout Mazda’s relationship with their drivers
  • An approach to personalization and optimization that uses all resources and knowledge to please the customer and the business
  • Unique methods to quantify personalization impact and ROI across channels

Public Track: Personalized Omnichannel Engagement

Type: Session

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Thought Leadership

Audience Type: Optimization Manager

Industry Focus: Automotive

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